Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nuestra Cocina

It felt like it had been ages since Mark and I had spent any time together, so I suggested we go out to dinner Friday evening.
We went to a place neither of us had been before, which is something of a crapshoot, but this time we won, with Nuestra Cocina and upscale Mexican place, with a sweet outdoor seating area, close to home, not to noisy, good service and a pretty interesting menu.  Mark's mother was good enough to watch Freyja for a couple of hours, so there was no pressure to find something she would eat, and no cutting up to do.  Maxwell was off at a friend's house for the night, so we were feeling pretty lucky.

Finishing up at work for the week

changing, but refusing to iron, thus looking like an unmade bed. Tired  and a little piggy faced by 6:00pm.

Keeping things modest with a sweet, little horseshoe pin from Lily.

How lucky am I?  To find orange, Dansko sandals at Goodwill!

refusing to drive.

so, so margaritas, excellent atmosphere.

soup for Mark

Salad for me, with mango, avocado, pumkin seeds, and jicama

I needed some salt.  Mark said "I hope this isn't one of those places that brings salt in a little dish." Sure enough it was.  "You just never know who's been touching that salt."  Look at me, picking out the tomato skins like a three year old! I really hate skins in my food.  YUCK!

black bean, squash and cactus thing with avacado and fried tortillas.  We both would have been happier with them unfried, but it was good.

nice outdoor seating, that makes you forget you are right on Division!

Mark being very Portlandia, and going to dinner at a fancy place, dressed like a lumber jack, he lacks only a chain dangling from his pocket to hold his wallet in, and an ironic mustache to be totally to type.

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