Sunday, September 18, 2011

Careful man there's a beverage here

I went a little crazy at the specialty import store, purchasing beverages on Saturday. 

I have no idea why, but the notion of a big bucket of colorful drinks really appealed to me.

The whole thing started when I saw the tiny bottle of bright red Sanbitter on the shelf.      I love that stuff, but never buy it for myself.  My ex used to show up every once in a while with it tucked into his pocket, as a sort consolation prize for his usual bad behavior, so I tend to associate it with that, or with Rome, neither of which really go with my current life.     It tastes just like Campari, except it is alcohol free, so you can drink it in the middle of the day.      Most people hate it, because it is bitter as hell, but I like it a lot, even the freakish color appeals to me.  I also like that it comes in a small bottle, which makes it seem more special, somehow.   Then there were the Mexican sodas, which I just like because of the color and the glass bottles.  You really can't go wrong with those sodas, they pretty much scream- P A R T Y!

While I was rooting around the fancy soda section I found this fermented Elderberry soda, which I had to get for Rolf, naturally.  He is the Elderberry King after all!


  1. Yay for covered patios!

    ... I'm actually very surprised that you don't seed the tomatoes in your go-to salsa. Just because you're such a skins-in-your-food snob, not because I care. LOL

  2. pureeing them takes care of the skin issue and the seeds too! I can't stand either otherwise!
    and I need to use a lot of !!! when I write, apparently!