Monday, September 5, 2011

Fairy corner

Now that we have that drumset, the playroom is pretty much filled up, and Freyja is feeling a little displaced.  I told her that I would put together a special space for her, which was a little tricky, since space is pretty much spoken for around here, but this is what I came up with... I think she will be pleased.
I had the canopy from when she was a baby.  It is silk and cost a bloody fortune, I must have been insane when I purchased it.  I had visions of some kind of Zen Waldorf baby, but I had Freyja The Wild, and had to take it down pretty quickly.   I was too lazy to iron it, I hope the wrinkles come out over time.


  1. I love love love those silk canopies. I think I may finally be old enough to have one myself that I don't destroy by accident. Pray for me.

  2. It is lovely. She is lucky to have a mom that is thoughtful for her. Did she like it?