Monday, September 5, 2011

Media blitz

From the state of my posting you would almost think we had given up reading and watching lately.

Well, that is a false assumption my friends, we have been as slothish as ever.

We are pretty fresh out of anything very highbrow from Netflix and have been watching Dexter, which I like mostly for the concept.  I like the idea of the bad guys getting killed.  I find the writing pretty mediocre most of the time and the actress that plays Deb gets on my nerves.  The Captain, Maria,  is one dimensional and awful serving only as distraction. Women don't get great treatment here.    I liked the actor that played the animal disposal dude.  He played the part well and brought some depth to the episodes he was featured in.

We are also watching Eastward Bound and Down, which is so offensive and over the top, that I can't even find words.  I laugh out loud frequently- just make sure no children are around.

I just finished Townie  (this review is not at all what I would have written, much harsher, and it is clear the author can't relate to Dubus, but I am much too lazy to come up with something better.) Which I enjoyed, but didn't love.  I found the author's rage sort of misplaced, he was busy beating people up for most of his youth, but never got really angry at his father, the source of the family's misfortune.  I found him overly generous.  He does have a gift for setting  mood and scene.  He brought me right back to the 70's, it is hard to put into words, but he really evoked the feeling of that time.   That  feeling of nostalgia kept me engaged and reading through the pages and pages of bar and street fights. 

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