Sunday, September 4, 2011

all work and no play

What an endlessly long week this one was. 

I got a lot done, including a bit of continuing education, so I suppose there are worse ways to spend one's time, but geesh.

The new bamboo buffet is installed on the deck, which still requires sealing, which I swear I will attend to next weekend, when I am less tired.  The plan is to tile to top, which is pretty damaged.  I like that idea and the tile will make it more outdoor stable and I like the notion of a plan and a project.  One can never have too many projects, I like to say.


  1. I need a pic of this buffet. I love you are making the new "outdoor living area". I want one badly.

  2. I second the pictures!pictures! request ...

    Why is the week before school starts always so g-d busy?? I try to make that the week that I get to zone out and not do anything, and it just does not happen.

  3. because we are preparing to start a school, DUH! we need a new line of work Hallie!

  4. Carla, my friend Lily is hell bent on me having some kind of decent outdoor space, I am a lazy sloth, lol. Thank goodness for the kindness of others, or I would be sunk.

  5. Oh Miss Heidi, I'm not hell bent- it's just that I need to get rid of a lot of stuff, and you always do cool things with what you are given. You should put up a photo of the wonderful wreath you concocted from the plain one I passed on to you. I love seeing what you do with things, you are SO creative!! AND, I am enjoying your outdoor space vicariously, since I have no outdoor space at all.