Friday, June 3, 2011

watching and waiting

We haven't gotten anything good from Netflix in forever, which I take as a personal insult, but Mark assures me is just because there is a long queue (when he says queue, I always ask him if he is thinking of his time growing up in England, and he tells me "no" each time,  that queue is what Netflix calls it, and then we have the conversation all over again the next time it comes up.)  for everything we want, or everything he thinks we want.

I personally want season two of Hoarders, but I doubt he ordered it.

It has been suggested that I figure out how to order things, but anything to do with the VCR makes me nervous, and yes I am well aware that it is not really a VCR.

What we have right now is Luther, a British crime drama, starring Idris Elba, who was wonderfully evil as Stringer Bell in The Wire, and is suffering from terrible plots and poor writing here, not that it stops me from watching.

There is an actress, Ruth Wilson, that plays a reoccurring role as a villain that has one of those weird faces that is  really beautiful, but then there is something off, that you can't quite put your finger on, in this show, and she alone is reason to keep me watching.
Does she have slightly bucked teeth?
Is her upper lip too large for her face? 
Is her mouth overly wide, like the joker? 
Eyes too close together?  
Forehead too pronounced? 

My picking this poor woman apart can provide untold hours of entertainment.

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