Sunday, June 12, 2011

This little piggy hurts like hell

I am what my brother calls a pronie

I am extraordinarily accident prone. 

I trip, I run into walls, I bang my head on the ceiling of the car, when getting in and out, despite being short. 

The most frequent accident I have, is catching my pinky toe on things, the leg of a table, a door frame, the bedside table, and wrenching it out  of whack.

On Friday I had that very same thing happen and as I was hobbling out the door of the basement, into the dark crowded laundry room, I kicked a plastic laundry basket and four of my toes got caught in the weave! 

When I pulled them free, the skin scrapped off.  It hurt, but I thought it was just a superficial thing, and since I was late for work, I rushed out the door.   I arrived at work, looked down and saw that my sandal was full of blood and that the pinky toe was pretty deeply cut.

So now, four days before I am to leave on a hiking vacation in Maui, I have a broken pinky toe on my left foot and gored pinky on my right.  

The scene of the crime.  The office has this lovely orange carpet and lots of toe hazards!

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    I'm so sorry - but I'm the same way, so I get to laugh. People have been asking me for over a year now, 'What happened to your foot/feet??' in horror, even though now the scars are well-healed over. Good thing they didn't see the fresh wounds.

    You'd think with a track record like I have that I'd learn to appreciate shoes, but no. Feet love a good beating, I guess - at least, mine may as well, because I can't stand wearing shoes no matter how dire the consequences.