Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Tooth Fairy is pretty lame

Finally, at 6.5 Freyja loses her first tooth!

Headed off to Field day, with a space in her mouth.
Freyja lost her first tooth this week! 
She had been agonizing over the lateness of this process, so it was a very big deal. 

Unfortunately the Tooth Fairy had a real doozy of a cold and sore throat, a broken toe and a giant workload at work and spaced out getting any cash. 

At midnight, the Tooth Fairy sat up in bed and told her husband "we totally blew it", ran downstairs and mined the depths of her tote bag, which serves as a purse and found a bunch of linty pennies and one dime.  She put the ragtag collection into an envelope, and wrote
 To: Freyja
From TF
in bubble letters and left in next to the pillow.

The next morning Freyja was delighted by the envelope with the note and the change.  She asked if she could get a orange bar from Dairy Queen with it, and I said "it is the perfect amount for that."

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