Friday, June 24, 2011

more (and some underwater) pictures, cause that is how I roll

Maxwell practicing diving, which is too scary for me.  I am a big floating chicken.

I asked Mark "are you ok?"using the hand signal of putting a fist on top of my head, and here is his reply.    The water is about 70 degrees, which is pretty warm if you are hanging out on the beach, but it can feel cold pretty fast is you are super skinny like Mark and submerged for a long time.     The wet suit works well, but I still worried about him.    When we were signing the liability release for this boat trip, one of the hazards was hypothermia, which made me nervous, but not as nervous as the part on the parasailing release, that said "dangers include having seawater forced into your orifices"   YIKES!  The whole time I was in the air I couldn't get that line out of my head, talk about unpleasant!

My very sick little girl.  It started with Freyja, and then one by one several other girls joined her and after a while I was running around serving ginger ale & wiping the brows of four vomiting gals.    Mark said "only you Heidi!"                One teenaged girl was crying because she threw up on my feet and I told her "it's ok, I'm a mom!"  To the right of me there is a slide, for the adventurous to get into the water, the rest of us, scooted in from the back of the boat.

The coral looks really close to you, when in reality it is about 30' down on the ocean floor.  I was spooked by the notion of cutting my feet on it.

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  1. I laughed so hard at the parasailing waiver. Ew