Monday, May 30, 2011

Dead Roses

My friend Don brought a half gallon of carrot juice and a performance of one of my favorite songs as an offering for my  dinner party on Sunday (complete with slap guitar).

Don plays upright bass and is a freakin amazing professional jazz player, but he has been kind enough to entertain me over the past 19 years with acoustic guitar, from time to time, when I ask, or demand.

He loves me enough to over look my questionable taste.

This Townes Van Zandt  is closer to his version, than the Rolling Stones.

It was so lovely, that just as Don started to play, our friend Dom phoned up from South Carolina and I held the phone out for her to listen along.
I do need my people.

"cause you know, I could never be alone  "

Then I had to play this on the record player, because I wanted my friends all together, and not far away in South Carolina.

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