Monday, May 30, 2011

Save your fork there's pie! In memory

Setting the table for our "church picnic" themed dinner party, in remembrance of my grandmothers and their wonderful cookery .  I had no idea my hair was looking so dreadful.  I depend on my husband to point this sort of thing out, and clearly he wasn't up to the task, geesh.     I am wearing my great grandmother Koger's pin, which has no monetary value, but is special to me never the less.  Those are lusterware glasses that belonged to my Grandma Magers, who kept them my whole life (and very likely long before my life) in the glass cupboard, and never used them.   I use them often and wish she could have enjoyed pretty things more often.  They are shiny and orange, right up my alley.                                             I had little bottles of pansies at each plate.  Thank goodness for Rolf's endless supply of scientific glassware.                      I depend on the kindness of other to get by.

Shrimp mousse, marinated mushrooms & haricort vert (I like to be all fancy in my white trash cooking).

My husband's consolation prize- pork loin stuffed with apricots and prunes, soaked in brandy.

Grandma Eva's deviled eggs and Grandma Betty's cabbage salad with bay shrimp.

My great grandmother "Nanny's" baked macaroni and cheese,and "funeral potatoes" from Rolf's girlfriend.                     We call these potatoes "those potatoes the neighbor lady brings to the block party with cornflakes on top, the ones everyone likes, but she got the recipe from a Mormon friend that calls them "funeral potatoes".  So there you are. Regardless of what you call them, they are fantastic and delicious and I strongly encourage conning some poor soul in to making them for you soon.  Our whole family attends the block party, just to get a scoop of these spuds.

My mother's baked beans (even though she is not dead and doesn't require a memorial, she makes some damn good baked beans). Mashed root vegetable for our vegan guest, and a giant bowl of ambrosia, brought by Rolf's girlfriend, which everyone pretends to be horrified by but eats seconds of.  My friend Don said "THIS SHIT IS GOOD!" and Don is a big food snob.  Who doesn't enjoy whipped cream and marshmallows though? Really? She also brought stuffed tomatoes, which I am very fond of, plus they look fancy.  I support all stuffed foods heartily

A hot game of Uno and pie followed dinner.

I was a total slacker and let Rolf's girlfriend bring pie, in addition to her potatoes, tomatoes and ambrosia.  She made apple and mock apple (which was really, really good), you know that recipes on the box of Ritz crackers you always wonder about?  It is really good. It might be improved by some raspberries, but all in all excellent.

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