Sunday, May 15, 2011

should I care about this?

So Osama bin Ladin is dead. 

I was sort of horrified by the reaction of my fellow Americans... the partying in the streets over shooting an unarmed man was a little tacky, friends.  Psst... we don't really do that shit here, we have all kinds of checks and balances, we don't shoot people. 

Just saying.

Beyond that I am concerned about us barging into a sovereign nation without permission: it is bad form, and dare I say illegal and again tacky? 


without permission, just flying in... doesn't that sound a little like I dunno, what terrorist do? 
Just saying.

So tonight I am on the phone with my friend, my good, good, heart connected best friend, my liberal friend, that likes paying taxes, that kind of friend and she tells me that she is happy or at least relieved that he is dead. 


Granted her step-daughter is in the army (this is a little girl that I cannot help thinking of as a ten year old) so I kind of get that part, but geez, hello! Are we just shooting people now? Really?

So I gently bring up how we flew all up into a COUNTRY without their permission and shot this dude, and dumped his body at sea, and how it felt a little bit presumptuous  to me. 

Then there was an awkward silence that I had not felt with this friend ever, ok, maybe ONCE in 10th grade, and I let it go.

I shut down and shut up.

Another friend told me this week that he likes COKE, so perhaps I need to lighten up?  Who knows.

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  1. I know, I've been feeling the same (apparently unpatriotic) way. Is there ever a good enough reason to shoot without trial? Because if there was, we surely have come across it in other situations before, without acting on it. For instance, the robber barons of Enron that drove people to suicide by stealing every retirement penny they'd earned over the previous decades.

    So, I share your disgust. We couldn't just, y'know, hold a trial or something first? If we're so sure he deserves to be put away for the rest of eternity, a simple trial for the record would make it stink a little less of inexcusable terrorism, really.