Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday morning ramble around town

The kitchen eating nook put back together again, all set for Sunday dining.  I love the sun through yellow curtains.  If that doesn't make your morning right, nothing will.  I am forever promoting yellow DIY curtains as a source of mental health.  Freyja woke me up at 6:00am, so we tidied up a bit, got Onkel out of bed and headed downtown to the Pearl Bakery for something to eat.  I was in no mood for bathing,or dressing, or hair brushing.

Not a soul on the street.

I hate photos of myself from this angle, I look very pigfaced.     We arrived a few minutes before they opened, and passed the time chatting up a gal that strolled by in search of pastry for her mother's mother's day breakfast.  I strongly suggested the gibassier. 

Pferd and ente joined us.

the banana bread tastes exactly like my grandmother's, which is excellent.  I have never been able to capture that flavor.

Freyja selected a brioche, and proceeded to pick all the sugar off the top, to "save for later."

Rolf elected to pour a lot of pepper on his roll. 

I love this place, I could live here. the color, the big windows, the pine fixtures.  Perfection.


From the Pearl, we headed east to Sheridan to pick up some produce and to kill some time, allowing Mark to sleep in a little, as we often do on Sunday mornings.  The produce guys get up early and are never cranky when Miss F. drives the cart erratically around the super crowded store.  I wish more shop people were this friendly to children.

searching for quinoa and lentils

I made this veggie basket for my mother in law. 
She has come to cooking late, at 71 she is trying her hand at fresh food (thanks to 13 years with a pushy daughter in law!), she even took up an interest in fancy salts, in the bottom of the basket is some pink Himalayan sea salt, and some Hawaiian black salt.  I suppose it is a weird gift.  I don't like to give flowers, unless the person is a flower person, otherwise it just feels like something that will wilt and die and need to be thrown away.  
I sent my mother a card.  
I phoned her too, on second thought, in case the card was too minimalistic. 
She just returned from Prague, I had no idea.  We don't really talk, it is is strange, to phone and have someone say "I just got home from Prague" How lovely for you, I guess
The notion of mother's day is sort of weird. 
I miss my grandmother and I don't really know what to do with a whole day devoted to something that makes me uncomfortable. 
I am not close to my parents, they have other people that they chose to be close to, it is all very polite, but often awkward.  
I hope that there is never a time when I am in Eastern Europe and my children don't know it.   
I hope very sincerely to have a relationship with them that keeps us knowing which continent we all are on, all the time.

I told my family not to buy anything for me.  I have too much stuff and I feel overwhelmed by gifts most of the time.   I find it difficult to accept gifts or holidays.  They make me nervous.  I don't like being the center of attention.  I like to be the center.  The center of organization, but not have the light shined on me directly.  Freyja and Mark found this Grover needle point at Goodwill and they thought it wouldn't be too overwhelming and they were right.   I love it.

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  1. your early-morning ritual with Onkel and ms F warms my heart.

    I loved Grover! I can not understand how anyone connected with Elmo. He seriously annoys the everloving shit out of me. I'm sure it's because I'm not their market audience now, HAHAHAHA