Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm becoming one of those people

 That starts going on and on about the weather.  
One hour of sunshine and I can't shut up for days.
The wimpy type I like to mock.
 Rolf was babysitting Freyja for me while I went to yoga, and she did a bit of her photographing: when I got home my camera had about 20 shots of the Herr Doktor  Professor and the hund.
Still life of chemist with poodle. 

mommy as tree, fearful tree
My yoga teacher could not shut up about fear tonight.   

Fear, along with practice is one of those words I hate to hear out of the mouth of anyone remotely new agey.

I did have a pretty remarkable half moon pose going until she had to come along and encourage me to let go of my fear

What a joke.  I refuse to let go of anything (go look in my basement!) in fact I may assert that it is my fear that makes me, in the words of my favorite Thai massage therapist, super bendy.

I can balance on one leg like nobody's business.

I am a pro at half moon pose-  my eagle arms on the other hand totally sucked.

I was just not getting on the eagle arm bus tonight, for love or money.

My arms remained stubbornly my own.

Human and stiff.


  1. My yoga school goes on and on about how noble it is to live for others. I always think, "None of these people are parents."