Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks a lot Mrs. Rombauer!

I am a perfectionist and I am also prone to dissatisfaction, and crankiness, setting myself up for disappointment and all around gloomy gusness.  I admit to all of that and more.

So I thought I would keep it really simple this year and not put everyone through a big production.

For months I have had this image in my head of a fondue dinner in front of a raging fire, for Christmas Eve.  Not so hard, right?

We tried it a couple of years ago, and the fondue was yucky, it separated and was simply not good.  We blamed the lack of a proper pot.

Months ago Rolf bought me a very fancy fondue pot expressly for this purpose, for this meal, for this one day.

We were all set.

I looked over a few recipes and decided to go with the Joy of Cooking, because it is usually my go to source for everything.

The fondue failed AGAIN this time, same problem, nearly garbage- wayyyy too much wine (how often do you hear that from me?).

Not good, not good at all!

Not only that, but my fire was wimpy and never really raged.  It didn't even really burn, it just sort of sat and smoldered.

We ate microwave popcorn and the other half of the bottle of wine.

The next day I went through all the fondue recipes I could put my hands on, and all called for half or less than the wine in the Joy.

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  1. I am horrified! The mighty Joy has never failed me before ... tho I admit I've never tried their fondue.

    I've been getting the pre-made fondue in a bag in a box from the deli section, that is like, $15 apiece and supposed to serve TWO, but you know what? For the lack of frustration and the last-minute-ness, I'm all on board with that cost. Because lo, tho I am in fact relentlessly cheap, I am not quite as frugal as you. Also? I spend money on nearly nothing besides food anyway, so why not. I love paying to have other people serve me food. I don't care if it's in a restaurant or my own home, either way is good with me.