Wednesday, December 16, 2009

one, poor correspondent

Remember that song from the 70's?

It doesn't mean you aint been on my mind.

No one ever comments, so perhaps I have driven my few readers away with my slacker blogging habits?


Time just gets away from me so often these days and I can't even say I have been doing anything worth while.

Reading a little.

I just cracked In the time of butterflies, by Julia Alverez which feels promising- I didn't love her other novel, the one with the girls losing their accents, in the title. I don't recall, why, now, but I know I never finished it.

We watched Julie & Julia, over the course of two evenings (insomnia continues to kick my ass, leaving me a heap on the floor by 8:30pm each night, only to wake at 4:00am feeling like I had been hitting the speed, or at least drunk several pots of strong coffee.
Weird- not in a good way.)

It was a delightful movie.

I don't usual do delightful, or lovely, but my love of Julia won me over.

I have loved her so dearly, for years and years, it felt good to see her portrayed so well. Her relationship with her husband is my ideal. To be loved in that way is remarkable.

It's worth a rental, and staying up late for, for sure.

One of my favorite things, is to watch Martha Stewart for Julia rip offs.

I love catching Martha redhanded!

Julia also has the blue that I love in her kitchen.

It is the same blue that Matisse's kitchen was!

He had a lot of tile work though, more rustic.

I love that kind of r u s t i c.

What I do not love is the rusticness of my kitchen with it's broken stove and dishwasher.

That rustic I could live without.

I also love the pegboard in Julia's kitchen.

I love high function, I hate fussy.

Pegboard is function. Pegboard is a good thing. Sorry Martha, you know I love your moxie, but you lose.

I am trying to figure out what I am going to do to make myself better this year.

I have narrowed it down to going back to my volunteer work with women leaving domestic violence (which I gave up when I got pregnant with Freya, just too intense for a pregnant mama), or taking some kind of pragmatic computer class.
I have vowed to do something, though, something outside of my work as a mother and wife and outside of the nonprofit I have work at for so long. I need to branch out into something that is not related to what I have around me all the time.


  1. I've still got you in my google reader, I'm just a bad blog commenter:-) We jut got Julia from Netflix yesterday - can't wait to watch it!
    Yup - it's getting to be that time of year for me too. I always spend part of New Years day journaling and trying to figure out what new steps to take. I have to say, the volunteer work sounds a lot more rewarding than a computer class, but that's just me ;-)

  2. I agree Michelle, I also am keen to redo the training, because it really is THAT good. I encourage you to do it too!!!

  3. I enjoyed In the Time of the Butterflies. But I liked her other book too.

  4. I read every update and I have trouble commenting sometimes(it doesn't always work) I am still in shock over the $6 danskos!!