Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A really LONG movie

I took Maxwell to see Avatar, as a gift, since I hate most movies that are of interest to him, and for some reason me going to a movie with him is a big deal. 

The special effects were amazing, if you are into that sort of thing (I am not).

The story was a simple one, with a decent moral.

It disturbed me to have both the good guy and the bad guy be former Marines.

Marine on Marine violence felt wrong for me, even though I detest the action of the military, I feel that it is wrong headed to portray soldiers as ruthless thugs.

I would have been much more comfortable to have the ruthless thug be a politician or a corporate hack.  The bad guys that make all the bad stuff happen.  Let them take the heat.

Just my little bone to pick.  Otherwise an ordinary shoot 'em up movie with really beautiful scenery.

Not really suitable for kids.  Had I know more about it I would have asked him to select another movie.

My own damn fault for being so out of it regarding popular movies & culture in general, I suppose.  

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  1. A wonderful movie as marvelous as the 1st Star Wars at the Beaverton Mall }}}}}