Friday, December 18, 2009

the computer is winning

I had no internet today until 2:40pm,
which really pissed me off,
since Friday is my day off without children, a time I can goof around on the internet without someone yelling


every ten minutes.

Last night there was some kind of update- why can't the computer just work?

Why must it constantly be updated?

I hate the stupid updates, they make me crazy.

After the update, the computer would no longer let me look at any of the webpages I like to look at. It also made Yahoo the primary thingy on the frontpage, which also pisses me off, because I don't like Yahoo, and I didn't CHOSE Yahoo, and I resent Yahoo horning into my life in such a sneaky manner.

So I spent a few minutes, every few hours messing around trying to get the settings back to where I like them, without much success.

Then I tried browbeating and insulting the computer, with little success, but at least that part made me feel better.

"I HATE you!"

"You totally suck and I wish I could throw you out, right this minutes, right into the GARBAGE!"

"Thank GOD you were free, because I would be furious if I had paid for such bad service!"

The computer was a freebie from my father, which I am deeply grateful for, except for times like this, when the computer doesn't work, at those times the computer is like that boring guy with earhair and bad breath. The bad kisser, that you are only dating because you don't want to spend Christmas season alone, and you plan to dump him as soon as January rolls around.

I suspect the computer knows that it's days with me are numbered and sometimes I think it acts poorly just to spite me.

So with no internet, I finished wrapping some gifts, spruced up the dining room, and prepared some cookies for Freyja and her friend C to decorate this evening, during a after school playdate.
All of the machines around our house are in league with the computer, the dishwasher, the washing machine, the oven, all louts, breaking or limping along barely getting by.

The Christmas cactus, however is preforming beautifully, and the Christmas tree is looking nice and Victorian, and holding it's needles well. So you win some, you lose some I suppose.

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