Friday, November 27, 2009


In this time of warm fuzzy thankfulness, I feel like I am coming up short.

Last night an older friend said

"I am thankful to be here"

and I knew that she didn't mean to be sitting at my table, she meant to still be sucking in oxygen everyday, after 70 years.

I knew exactly what she meant.

It sounds so tacky and ungrateful to say it, but it is a great deal of work not to simply stick your head in the oven and be done with it all.

So in the most basic and essential way, I am thankful to be here too, I suppose, but I do wonder why it has to be so difficult for some people, and so seemingly easy for others?

If that sounds like sour grapes, too damn bad, it is true for me and I am sticking with it.

Another friend said

"you are an amazing mother"

and I will take that compliment and bask in it and hope that it was sincere.

I am a good mother

I am a good wife,

sadly those things are not valuable to anyone outside of this house and you can't eat them, or trade them for electricity, so I frequently forget to assign them value.

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