Friday, November 20, 2009

place cards, fairies and a little rosemary tree

These little fairies will be my place card holders this year for Thanksgiving.

I like to have place cards. In the past it was important to keep the boring people from sitting together, or the ones that were feuding,
now I just like having an excuse to craft,
since the gatherings have gotten quite small and most of us are boring.

See my fabulous new tablecloth? Goodwill- $4.99.
So seasonal AND it has a fringe.
I love fringe.

I made them with wooden clothespins from dollar tree, and some acorn caps and leaves.

I didn't have proper glue, so I used superglue, which worked, but was a bit messy.

I think Tacky Glue would be the very best option.

Initially I put a little felt skirt on them, but I think the really plain ones look almost better.

I love anything made with wooden clothespins.

I am a clothespin sucker.

I love this rosemary topiary.

I am hoping to work it into the table centerpiece, but I haven't nailed it all down yet.

Those little birds are always about in my house,

I love all little birdies, all the time, so what if they look too spring?

Here is the fairy, holding the place card.
Cute, huh?

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