Monday, November 2, 2009

the case of the missing slacks, and my kingdom for a camera

Our house is all a twitter.

Abuzz with energy!

A veritable hotbed of activity, as Mark struggles to find a pair of black dress pants.

The pants in question have not been spotted in the finc house, since July 2008, when they were yarded out for an evening; worn to Mark's sister's wedding.

God only knows where they are now, and he isn't telling.

It it that time of year, the time of year that we pull out the black suit, the suitcase, and the dress shoes, for work in New York.

Some how we managed to dodge the travel bullet last year.

There was only the teeniest amount of civilized west coast travel.

This year?

Not so much.

No, this year,
not only does Mark have to travel, his travel is overlapping with Rolf's travel, so that I am in a deep quandary over how I will get Maxwell to school at 8:45am, when I have to be at work at 7:00am.

At this moment, my life is feeling very much like a story problem.
a woman traveling west in a station wagon with a four year old must arrive at 7:00am, while a boy traveling north on foot with a giant backpack, must arrive at 8:45am

Lots of people struggle through with one measly additional adult, or none, in their house, and here I am, a glutton, up to my jowls, with help- with my usual two extra adults. I am sure I will come up with something. Co-housing really does have it's perks, though.

In the mean time, my attempt to be all healthful and outdoorsy really blew up in my face this evening.
After dinner I took the children out for a stroll, in the pitch blackness that is 6:00pm Portland November.

On we trotted, through the streets of "south Tabor", Freya singing in her loudest, most cheer filled voice, all devil-may-care, UNTIL, I was impaled by the sharpest rosebush in the history of the world.
My leg looks like something out of a horror film right now.
and me without a camera, dang.


  1. Could you drop Maxwell off at a friends house, and then have him go to school with his friend?


  2. Hello Heidi -

    I hope all is well again. When are the fellas traveling? If it is a MWF, Max is more than welcome to come to our house and I can see him off.

  3. haha! i was out at the park with the kids last night in that very pitch blackness, which of course did not bother the kids a bit because they had the playground all! to! themselves! they were mighty pleased about this, so much so that we waited until the last possible moment to go home, meaning their dad met us on the sidewalk a block from home wondering what was i doing with the children in the pitch blackness? to which i laughed carelessly that we were in the *city*, there are streetlights everywhere - it's not dark at all! which they somehow did not find reassuring.

    really. doesn't anyone walk country roads at night anymore? it's so discouraging.