Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I feel so naked without my camera

Blogging on a regular basis is so much more difficult without photos.

I actually have to fill the page with words, and that is challenging, particularly when the only words you feel like typing are negative and not suitable for mixed company.

I am reading a decent novel for the first time in weeks.

Something random I picked based on the cover art.

That is about as sophisticated as I get these days.

Cover art.

Book selection is a bit tricky with Freyja along in the library.

I also just finished season three of Madmen, thanks to my step-father taping it for me each Sunday.

What can I say?

The hype is true.

Madmen rocks, and if you haven't seen it, then you should go out and rent it ASAP.

How will I make it until season four comes out?



I have also been watching Showtime's Brotherhood, which I like a lot, but you know how I am about gangsters.

I would go as far as to say that it is as good as The Wire.


The Wire was such a media darling, but I think it had a lot of pretty pedestrian episodes.
I loved it, but not every episode was stellar.

We also checked out Denis Leary's The Job, the cob dramedy that he did, for TV, before Rescue Me. A lot of the same actors are in both shows, and they are good.
This show is not nearly as gritty or well made as Rescue me, but it is entertaining, if you like Denis, and I do, so there you go. He seems to only really play one role, but I like that guy, so I will continue to watch.

I will do my best to get the camera working again before Thanksgiving, so I feel a bit more chatty.

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