Sunday, November 6, 2011

You know what makes me furious (aside from the long list I go on and on about here.), makes me crazy angry?

When people tell me that adversity will make me stronger, or that I am being strong, but in that smug way that implies that I was weak or that I have a history of weakness.

Man, that just gets me riled up like nothing else.

For me that sentiment usually come in the form of spiritual or religious people, which may be why I hate religion and spirituality so much, all that self righteousness oozing out all over the place, any time someone has a problem.

One of the best thing I took away from my work with domestic abuse survivors, was the excellent training, the model the organization I was working with used was progressive and I swear I got more out of that training than I did in four years of university and many attempts at therapy.

Anyway, I think the most significant thing for me was the notion of not telling the victim how they should feel, but rather listening, allowing them to have a voice and giving support not advice, which is pretty much counter to any of the religious or spiritual smarty pants that think they have the one true answer.

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