Tuesday, November 1, 2011

it started with a little cold

it's walnut season, so we have a giant bag of walnuts, picked at Sauvie Island, and some walnut boats.

Freyja & Rolf playing with playdough

She dressed herself all up to go out to dinner!

Freinds preparing for trick or treating in our kitchen

a little cat

and a cowboy

I bought candy to hand out that isn't tempting to me.

Last week I developed a cold, and it sort of escalated until I was fairly sick by Friday evening at the Lantern Walk, for work.  

There I was with about 200 children and parents, feeling quite sick, so I left a little early to go home to bed.   

Fat chance.

My mother called me at 11:00 to say that my grandfather was in ICU, very ill and not expected to live.  

She was coming in at 10:30 and I should meet her and go to the hospital.

I met my brother & cousin at the airport and we picked up mom and went to the hospital to see grandpa, who was indeed on his last legs.  

His blood pressure was crazy low, like 23 on the bottom and he was very listless and weak. 

Over the course of the day and over night, he improved, with the help of steroids and other meds.   

My mother continued to be a mess, which is fairly uncharacteristic.

Sunday evening I suggested we go to dinner, and took her by the elbow to usher her out and she shrieked.  Apparently she had been in excrutiating pain since Friday night, with an injured elbow. 
I seems that in her haste to find her suitcase Friday night she tripped and fell in her garage and banged her elbow on the concrete floor.  When I looked at it Sunday, it was very swollen and had a deep gash that looked pretty bad. 

Off to ER we headed, to have it looked at. 

The infection in her arm wouldn't respond to antibiotics, so they wound up admitting her to the hospital, for at least two days, so now I have both her and my grandfather in separate hospitals!  

He seems to be improving, but will need to go into some kind of intermediate care facility, which he is so far refusing to do, he just wants to go home.  

This has all been a lot of stress to deal with, all the while attending to my children, trick or treating and going to work.  My cold hasn't improved one iota and I wonder if I will ever feel better? 

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