Saturday, November 5, 2011

The computer died last week and required resurrecting by the fellows at fix my dead pc
these fellows recovered all my bookkeeping records when my work computer died suddenly and they fixed a friend's laptop. 
They are nice and close and good people.  
There is something very comforting about their dusty, dirty and unkempt shop and their rumpled staff. 
The head fellow looks a lot like a less nice looking version of  my father, despite our propensity for zaftigness, we Lawlers are a good looking bunch on the whole.

The downside of having the computer die is losing all of my bookmarks.  I had a ton and dig dang if I can remember most of them, yet I miss knowing what they were.

I did manage to pull enough brain cells together to remember the name of this site which I will purchase a skirt from any year now and this graphics site, which I use ALL THE TIME, oh, and this one which I create my fantasy date nights from. 

Otherwise I am pretty SOL for now.  I assume some of the names will come back to me.

I plan to use this graphic for my Thanksgiving food labels.

cute don't you think?

or maybe this one
or even this.
  I haven't made up my mind yet.

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  1. Was one of your bookmarks for the shop that sells boots that are "Satan proof"?