Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scaring, fighting the nation Shooting, shooting their guns and ammunition

seeing photos of police macing students at UC Davis, along with the riot gear in PDX made me think of this old thing.  I love me some Joe Strummer, but who doesn't?
Let me just say that I am not anti-police, in fact I am a pretty straight arrow when it comes to following the rules, but I think we all know some change has got to come, and perhaps most of us don't want to be represented by some stinky, tofu eating slacker, but the bottom line is the country is going to shit and it does my middle aged heart good to see some young folks in the streets.  I for one will move my meager stash of dough into a community owned bank, and I will continue to shop resale and avoid purchasing shoddily made stuff from big box stores.  I will support unions, and fair wages when and how I can, and I will say so early and often. 

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