Saturday, November 5, 2011

I put my mother on a plane for home this morning, after many fits and starts to spring her from the hospital last night. 

They just couldn't seem to coordinate the care to get her discharge moving along. 
She was a bit wrecked mentally by the whole experience- who wouldn't be? 

Grandpa has been transferred to a nursing home, which had to be handled by my aunt, not even a blood relative, but a daughter in law.  Grandpa is lucky to have such a good one.  She did a stand up job of taking on both grandpa and helping with my mom, so I didn't have to take off work.

My cold is lingering on and on and making me wonder if my nose will fall off. 

I went to the doctor yesterday to see what they could do about my hands, which are raw from the harsh hospital soap. 

I wash my hands a million times a day at work, so dealing with hospital soap on top of it really created a skin nightmare. 

I really should be at a Hoedown fundraiser for work right this moment, but I am coughing like a smoker, and my nose and hands are very unattractively chapped and I generally feel like shit, so I am defiantly skipping it. 

Sorry folks, I wish you well, but I need my sofa.

My auntie called me yesterday, terribly upset by a number of cruddy things in her life and I felt totally unprepared to help, not a pep talk, no sunny advice to be had from me.  

I am pretty tapped out this week, call me Monday and see how it goes.  

I need a bit of time to recover, from among other things having two children have accidents at work that left them injured enough to scare me.  

Just kid accidents, that happen when you are two, or four and go up the slide, or trip on a ball and fall on bricks, but I never fail to feel it, even when it is ordinary and people are all fixed up, cast applied, cleaned and doctored and attended to.  

I continue to be shaken.

I am easily shaken, I suppose, but I am also fairly good in an emergency, so I guess that evens it out a little.  
The problem with being the boss, or the mom, or the strong one, is that no one ever asks you how you are, or checks on you are follows up.  

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  1. "The problem with being the boss, or the mom, or the strong one, is that no one ever asks you how you are, or checks on you."

    Love this Heidi