Sunday, November 13, 2011

People keep giving me things

 The past few weeks I have been the recipient of many things great and small, and all very nice.  
I always feel quite awkward when people give me things, as I have pretty much made it a life long policy to neither a lender nor a borrower be, which serves me pretty well.

My mother has been sending me some of her vast collection of china, the Spode Christmas tree china above arrived with three broken bread and butter plates and four broken salad plates, which made me pretty sad, but I am happy that the dinner plates are all in one piece, and I am hoping that UPS will honor their insurance on the package, even though I threw away the really crushed plates before I realized they were insured.
She also sent me a chafing dish, which I was pretty sure I would never use, but then I had this inspiration on Saturday to make Tea poached pears in chocolate sauce, so I could use it. 

Chafing dish in action!

the sample, just to make sure it was fit for company.

cranberry and quince sauce

Another set of china, which is just my style.

creamed spinach, yams & apples, dill potatoes

Quinces from my tree, for the sauce

a boned, stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken for my husband- stuffed with feta, red pepper, raisins, and olives


poached pears, chocolate sauce and lady fingers

getting to play with my stacking dolls

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