Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Freyja likes to play with the neighbor dog. 

She asks me if she can play with the dog, exactly the way she asks if she can play with the neighborhood children,

"Mommy? Can  I play with Wrangler?"


Sometimes she asks me if she can play on our elderly neighbor's impeccably groom lawn, the same way.

"Mommy? Can I play with Harlan's grass?"

When I think of  her out growing these of these kinds of questions, my heart just breaks.  It is one of the few times I feel weird about the fact that I will never have a little child again, never have another baby and that, that part of my life is over, which is pretty much ok with me, except for the cuteness.

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  1. I was cuddling Tazy today in the train station (stealing other people's children is a hobby of mine), and thinking something along these lines. Now that the baby phase is gone, they are all growing so, so fast. This kid stage will be behind us before we know it, and then the next babies will be theirs. It's unbelievable to me now, and that time is coming. Whoa.

    I think the baby years seem to go so slow because you're awake for so much more of it, proportionally. LOL and then when you start getting some sleep again, time goes rushing past again.