Saturday, March 5, 2011

a constellation prize

My dear cook from work, the one employee that I directly supervise is named Orion, and he happens to make my life a lot easier most of the time,  by being so responsible, and dependable, that I rarely have to give a second thought to the food program, other than to kibitz  and putter and impose my taste on things form time to time.

I thought I would be all fancy and make him a cake with the constellation on it for his birthday.

The problem was that everything brought into work has to be vegan, which I have pretty much mastered, although cupcakes generally turn out better than big cakes.  I can do a pretty good vegan buttercream frosting too, but I really wanted a dark nightsky chocolate ganache, with a nice luster, which is tough to achieve without cream.
I wound up using coconut fat from coconut milk, and it worked well.  I added some cayenne to the dark chocolate which work well with the intense, bitter chocolate, the coconut cream and the sweet.  I happened to have a ton of purple, vegan frosting left over from those cupcakes, so I used that for the constellation.  Not perfect, but I think it looked pretty cool

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