Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In addition to feeling sorry for myself I did THIS, this week!

a gal and her mustache!

these are my go to "citrus" vegan cupcakes,  with a coconut cream vegan frosting... basically a yellow  cake made with egg replacer and lime, lemon and orange juice- MAN Oh Man, IS IT GOOD.  I made them in honor of our fabulous gardener at work- she just married her long time sweet heart, so Freyja and I wanted to bring her a little gifty, and the other staff got the enjoy too.                                                                           Both of my kids ADORE this special gal, and we were so happy to see her happy, she brings so much joy to everyone.

These are pistachio, rose water cookies vegan cookies from Veganomicon, I have made them twice and both times tweaked the recipe a little.                                                                                                                                                     I found them a little greasy, so added a little flour and some orange juice.                                                                                They are really GOOD and impressive looking!                                                                                                                                      I like, don't love the book, but then again I am horrible about following recipes.                                                                            I wanted a fancy cookie, and they deliver, just a tad too much oil.

My sweet, lovely, dear and wonderful work friend gave me these beauties, she dumpster dived them from a flower store..  She knows mama loves her some ranunculus. Pictured here in a beautiful milk glass vase gifted to me years ago by the beautiful Ms. Lily.  Am I lucky or what. To know soooo many generous loving women! ?

Rolf snuck Ripley into the theater for Freyja's acrobatics's class performance.   You have to love a poodle that loves the arts!

Maxwell was not exactly glued to the performance.

Take a bow! Stupid camera spoiled all the photos.  Too dark. Wahhhh.

I made a couple of "tooth fairy" pillows for my work fundraiser

little pocket on the back for the tooth.   These are both silk and organic cotton. 

Vegan Devil's Food with coconut dark chocolate ganache,  with almonds and sea salt garnish- for a work friend's birthday!

OOOps! out of order! My girl on the flying through the air on the flying trapeze.  She made Onkel soooooooooooooo happy by rocking the acrobat thing.  The only thing that would please him more is if she were balancing a poodle on the high wire.  He is paying through the nose for this stuff, so it is nice to see her be so amazingly skilled!

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  1. when are you posting the vegan cake recipes, lady?? argh, some of us are in love with your cupcakes you know!