Sunday, March 13, 2011


Much like a magpie, I just can't resist the allure of shiny, colorful objects... purchased many bright Mexican sodas for Maxwell's birthday dinner last Sunday, with flavors like mandarin & guava how could I resist?
the singing and the cake (the coke belongs to my Mother in law, who doesn't leave home without it).
Now for This weekend- sort of dressed up and on our way to the fundraiser for Freyja's school
This wont kill me, this wont kill me, this wont kill me.
The caterer was moving slow as molasses in January and Mark had to stop me from stepping in to  help lay out the dinner.  They had waitstaff walking around with passed appetizers - the deviled eggs & stuffed mushrooms were terrible,  and we were seated next to the stage with a very, very loud band, other wise it was an ok evening.  I liked the little ruffled jacket with my dress and I was wearing my super cool shoes, the ones with the big buckles that remind me of high school, the ones Freyja says make me look like a witch, which is sort of the look I was going for.                                                             I suspect, upon looking at these photos, I may have needed a slip.  Who am I kidding, I will never wear a slip.
Sometimes when Freyja wakes up at 6:00am on Saturday (like she did this weekend), I sneak out with her and Rolf, to our special place -                                                                                                                                                                                     Bob's Red Mill cafe & store for some super excellent, healthfood and a bit of shopping.                                                   If you get there later than 8:00am forget about it- loooong lines and  milling crowds.                                                          Perfect for the family with young early risers.  It is in Milwaukie, so the drive there and back, give Mark lots of extra time to wake up and have a coffee, before having the face the princess.
We like to sit upstairs in the mezanine area and people watch. Rolf bought Freyja a tiny wire whisk, for when they make hot chocolate, which is more often than you would think.  They also have all the gluten free stuff you could ever want, along with lots of cool mixes and utensils.
Freyja, likes to flirt with disaster, by holding her stuffed toys over the rail.  She is proudly wearing a sweater that came in the mail from a friend in New York, which is very exciting for a six year old.  Bob's features whole grains and really lovely little touches like good coffee that you can refill yourself, as well as amazing biscuits and cookies.
When Bob retired last year he gave the company to his employees, all the more reason to shop there!
I came home and made a polenta cake with carrot and mandarin orange, and sour cream frosting, for our Saturday night dinner.  I went all old school and made chicken Kiev for Mark and cauliflower au gratin for the veggies in the crowd.     We also had asparagus with vinaigrette and a really lovely dry wine called "lazy bones" which I bought because I loved the label.
Sunday morning I hosted a little party for Freyja's friends.  Imagine five six year olds whooping it up.
Later in the day, Miss F practiced her hula hooping while I read Vanity Fair and rested on the sofa.


  1. Bob retired?! Well, I guess he'll be put down as a communist for giving the company to his employees. Good for him.

  2. I'm glad the sweater is being put to good use!