Monday, February 28, 2011

because we need a little more stress in our lives

Two weeks ago I had a tire blow out, thankfully it happened right in front of Les Schwab, not so happily it (and the other rear tire) could not be patched, they were both worn out, so $384 later I was on my way.

Last night we had a crazy wind storm with howling rain, and woke up with a leak in Freyja's bedroom, which is really the attic.  I had visions of thousands of dollars for the repair, but it turns out only to be hundreds, but still.  Why must this all come at once?

I am made to be a renter, and a bus rider.

1 comment:

  1. that is the great thing about renting, for sure. something goes wrong? not my problem. i mean, unless the place burns down or summat.

    'tired' blow out - i thought you'd gotten so knackered from all the party planning that you went off on someone at Les Schwab, ha!