Monday, February 14, 2011

Not feeling very valentinious

I would have let the day pass, but Mark insisted on going out to dinner.
I loathed the notion of making a reservation, or going anyplace that required me to do more than comb my hair, so I convinced him that the slightly upscale Lebanese place on Hawthorne Tarboush would be a good compromise.
It is housed in an old, nicely restored Victorian, which is little weird for a Lebanese place, but nice if you don't think about it too much.
The food was good, but expensive and that was unsettling, since I kept calculating the cost of garbanzo beans and cringing with each mouthful of hummus.
I love Lebanese food, it is truly something I could eat everyday, but this was a little on the bland and safe side.  Truth be told I love Nicholas the most and nothing will ever be as good for me, but Mark hates the atmosphere, and it does totally suck, so who could blame him?
Me.  I could, because the food is just not as good other places.

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