Sunday, February 27, 2011

Viola! the tower of wedding cupcakes!

The night before, I  cleaned like a crazy lady, set up the bar area, washed all the glasses, ironed the napkins and tablecloths and freshened up the flowers, by trimming them and soaking overnight in sugar water

I wanted the cake to be as fresh as possible, so I started baking around 10:00pm when the kids were in bed.  I was anamored by these fancy cupcake papers! I wasn't super thrilled by the way they showed the grease from the cake, once baked though.  I don't think they are worth the extra expense.

while the cupcakes were baking I cooked the three vegan "pates" carrot with curry, lentil "mock chopped liver" and an eggplant salad.

making frosting at midnight, feeling really ready for bed- it was the late night end of a very long, hard week.

damn lumpy sugar!

strawberry lemonaid, and water

these spreads came out great! The curry, carrot one was a wonderful color too!

The finished product looked pretty damn snazzy if I say so myself!

We were going for sparkle and jewel tones, I think I got it right.


  1. A new career for you,you have the gift!!!!! I want some!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the cupcake papers were so much easier to deal with than the normal kind - I don't know what they cost, obviously, but the easy-to-remove-ness of them meant less cake stuck to the wrapper, and since it was amazing cake, I forgive them for the grease factor. it wasn't obvious until you picked them up in any case, and because three seconds later you had amazing cake in your mouth, i don't think anyone who may have had criticism about that bit cared for very long anyway.

    thanks again for an amazing party, I'm so happy to be married, and that i got one of the days MY WAY.