Wednesday, December 22, 2010

you'd better not pout

I dropped the children off at my mother's hotel this morning just in the nick of time- before I went postal.  Two days stuck inside with them bickering and turning on the television every time I turn my back is enough.

Mark's mother gave Freyja a giant  container of  art supplies and a big bag of toiletpaper rolls, so she has been crafting nonstop since Saturday, which is nice in theory, but makes a compulsive tidier like me crazy. 

I am also curious as to where we are supposed to store the container, when it is not in use? 

For now it is stashed under her train table, but I don't see that as a long term solution.

Some wise guy also gave Miss F a jumprope, which has also been a source of aggravation for me, since she wraps the stupid thing around her neck every chance she gets.  I may have to disappear it while she is away.  

We watched a documentary called Restrepo about a platoon a marines stationed in the Korengal valley in Afghanistan.  It was had to watch in general because I get all worked up anytime someone's son is in danger, but on a more personal note one of my best friend's step daughter is currently getting her ass shot at in Afghanistan,  as a medic and my heart is just sick for my friend and her husband.

My biggest fear is that this war will drag on and on and they will have to re-institute the draft. 

I heard on NPR yesterday that there is a growing problem with young people not being able to pass the entrance exams for the military. 

It scares the hell out of me. 

Maxwell has expressed an interest in going to Quaker services, which, despite the mildness of Quakers, I still find yucky- the whole church thing is just not attractive to me at all, but  in the back of my mind is a great way to demonstrate that he is a conscientious objector.   Much simpler than me having to chop off one of his toes, or drive him to Canada, but then again, if the fighting does drag on for eight more years, they may take the toeless and the the religious too.  Yes, I do sit around and worry about these and other things.

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