Sunday, December 12, 2010

I DO leave my house once in a blue moon

I am actively trying to be less of a hermit- with mixed success. 
I have met a friend for coffee two weeks in a row, so things seem to be going pretty well, although I still owe another friend an dinner or lunch, and I am not sure how I am going to fit it in. 
My friend was clever enough to chose a place with giant cups of coffee, that is just a stone's throw from the kid's schools, so I can dash out and do pick up at the last minute!

 and she pretended to need help with cards, which gave me a feeling of being needed, which is always helpful with me!


  1. Do I look like a preschool teacher or what?
    I think we are both already less hermit-like! Yay for us!

  2. Also, I was partly using the card thing to cover for the fact that I didn't bring any money. I'd just completely spaced it, I think I had $1.50 in change which is no longer even enough to get a bus. What a nitwit.

    So far they have been well-received! I did not confess that I had an elf helping this year!