Friday, December 24, 2010

Super tasty!

Mark and I got to go out to a grown up dinner at a grown up restaurant on Tuesday!

We tried the much hyped Tasty and Sons  which was really good (except for being super busy and a little noisy, but I think everything except silence it too noisy, so ignore this complaint).  We opted NOT to wait and chose to sit at the bar, which is kind of smack in the middle of the dinning room and since smoking is not longer an issue, it felt totally fine.

Mark was a little disappointed by his spaetzle dish, which he said was not as good as mine, I thought it was fantastic, and I loved the pumpkin that was sauteed with it, giving it a sort of saucy quality- I would have licked the plate, if I could have gotten away with it.

I really, really wanted to go to Toro Brava  , but Mark is not a huge tapas fan, and not really an adventurous eater, so Tasty and Son's, Toro's sister restaurant was a good compromise.

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