Monday, December 20, 2010

the christmas sing along

 we raced from swimming lessons to the sing along at Freyja's school.  She immediately rejected us and went to sit with her friends.  She only wanted to show off Maxwell, Mark and I were sent to sit with the other parents.

Maxwell being a moderately good sport.

no, these children have not been greased! They just came from the pool with wet hair, yes out in the cold with wet heads! bad mama!

there is something lovely about three hundred people singing along with a 5th grade orchestra, no matter how jaded and cranky you may be.

Freyja can't stop decorating...   and good HEAVENS! when I am not wearing my tall, clogs (which I put on for this photo- I am still the mom around here thank you very much!) Maxwell is just about as tall as I am, but that doesn't take much effort,  however, it is a very weird thing to have happen to your six pound tiny baby.  Next year he will be taller still and I  imagine I, over time, will turn into one of those absurd people that sit around talking about the weather and the size of their children in long run in sentences, boring the shit out of everyone. 

I made these vegan cupcakes for the teachers!

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