Saturday, December 4, 2010

getting things ready for St. Nicholas Day

the boring part
 We are doing a very scaled back St. Nicholas Day dinner this year. 
No goose.  
I can't deal with a goose. 

Rolf has insinuated that I am happy to dispense with the goose because I hate cooking them, and I don't eat them, which is somewhat true, but really it is a matter of time and my sanity, and the hefty price tag geese are sporting these days.   


Really? for something I don't eat?

I think not.

I have to work today and work the art sale at Maxwell's school on Sunday, so we are streamlining things.

I ran around like a crazy person from 3:00-6:00 buying, decorating, cleaning up the mess from decorating the tree, yesterday. 
Thank goodness our neighbor sells trees, so I didn't have to drive far with the trunk open, which makes me nervous.
Then Mark came home and assisted with the gingerbread house.  

Maxwell lauded me for minimal yelling.  
Even when I spilled potting soil on the carpet. 
I was positively Zen.
re-potted Christmas Cactus

                           Freyja did a pretty good job of decorating the tree this year, and I did a very good job of not interfering. 

Mark brought home a sample of DOMO lights from work.  Oh goody...

resisting the urge to eat the house and the snow and the decorations!

the finished product

please don't take my picture when I have been running around like a crazy woman for three hours.

candy hands!

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