Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food cart wars

Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware of the exploding food cart scene in Portland, there was even a story about it on NPR recently..  
Portland is a foodie town with fantastic ethnic restaurants and cafes around every corner. 

The food carts are taking it to a new high, with "pods" of carts turning up all over the city offering an amazing selection of top notch grub. 

We took Mark's mom, Wawa out to lunch at the downtown pod at 9th and Alder, where there are two blocks of carts to chose from. 
Our target was "the frying Scotsman", since Wawa misses England and the fish and chips, she loved to eat there.  

Wawa says  fish and chips lived up to the hype!

(sorry about this weird centered text, there is some kind of autoformat issue today.)


I chose this Bosnian place.  I had a sort of Bosnian version of spankopita, that was excellent, with cucumber salad on the side.

Maxwell elected to play it safe, with salad rolls, which he said were good.

Mark chose a Turkish kebab place, that was passable, but not stellar. 
He really wanted the Polish place, but the woman is super slow.

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