Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does this dress look too much like a nightgown or is it OK?

A little.

It looks a little like a nightgown? Or it is a little OK?

The poofy, scrunched up part looks a little nightgownish.

Do you mean the gathers, or the ruffles.

I don't know the difference.

the ruffles are this decorative part around the bodice, and the gathers are here.  This part, right here, around the empire waist.

"Impure waist?"

NO! Empire, empire waist, that is what a waist is called when it ends right under the bust, like this one does.

I guess, the gathers at the empire waist, then.  The part that makes you look pregnant.


Not really, but isn't that what you asked?  Does the dress look like the kind you wear when you are pregnant?

That is NOT at all what I asked.  You are talking about a maternity dress.  I ask if this looks like a nightgown.

Is there a difference?

Are you insane?  Of course there is a difference.  A nightgown is what you wear to sleep in.

You never wear nightgowns, only pajamas, how was I to know?

Just forget it.  I am going to go change my clothes.


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