Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the end

Friday was Bootiful Princess's last day of preschool. 

It was hard for both of us. 

She had been coming to school with me since she was six weeks old.  

The notion of turning my tiny baby over to some overcrowded public school has been really rough. 

There will be no tree house loft to sit under, not capes, no crowns, no silk cushions and woolen toys.   

There will be no softly watercolor painted walls and windows with  flowing draperies.

There will be rough, creepy children with snotty noses, and Disney themed clothing. 

When Maxwell went to kindergarten it was at a magnet program and the principal allowed me  and some other mothers to lazure the walls, make cushions, a father made a story loft. 

Miss F, lost in the lottery and will go to a regular old school, school where the principal has bigger concerns than my sense of aesthetics.

with luck there will quickly,  be new friends, and we will try like crazy to keep up with our dear old friends.

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