Thursday, August 19, 2010

facebook taliban

I like to play scrabble online through facebook.  I sometimes play with my friends, but sometimes I join games with total strangers, because I like to play more games at once, than my friends do.  

I consider this a pretty wholesome activity, that keeps my mind more nimble than sitting around watching TV.   

I have a few people that I met through these games that I chat with and consider "pen pals" or even think of as friends. 

Nice people, with  similar interests, that happen to live far away from me.

In the past week, there has been this freaky shift in the tone of the people posting games.  Three of the games I've joined recently have been with men that have made overt sexual comments- on a scrabble game!

Like a scrabble obscene phone call! 

Who in the hell would find that attractive? 

And what on earth is their objective?  Do they think women are going to be pleased, attracted or titillated by that kind of behavior? 

I told Mark about it and his reaction was "with all the sex venues on the Internet, why do that on a scrabble game?" and I totally agree.

Why indeed?

I asked, and one guy told me to post a photo of my cat, rather than my face.

Great, so my face, my unmade up, face is to blame for some schmuck's potty talk? 

Isn't that the argument used to support the wearing of burkas?  That the site of women's bodies or faces will arouse unwanted attention from men?


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  1. I get the feeling they are misogynists targeting classy women that they wouldn't have access to any other way.