Sunday, July 18, 2010

There is a rental house a few houses down, that seems attract irresponsible pet owners. 

Six years ago when I was pregnant, I went for a walk with my friend Karen and Maxwell.  We were accosted  by the giant, drooling, wet, dirty dog, that lived in the rental house, and ran the streets with no supervision, scaring children and jumping on pregnant women. 
On that morning, he jumped on me, knocked Maxwell over and proceeded to follow us to my house and pee on my front porch!  Which made me furious, so I grabbed the dog by the collar and dragged him up to his house, banged on the door for a long time with no response.  I then opened the door, pushed the nasty dog inside and walked home. 
Those people left, but the new folks are just as bad.
they have a white male cat that is not neutered. 
The cat runs up and down the street spraying houses and gardens, and attacking other cats. 

What on earth would make a person NOT neuter a cat?  I mean this is not a prize show cat, this is an ordinary white housecat. 

Last night he attacked my cat, and after we brought Moonshadow inside, he continued to menace her by yowling at our front door, for over an hour, which totally enraged me, because I like to keep my front door open for fresh air. 

I am ready to do complain to the owners, but Mark made me promise not to do anything while he is gone, and I suspect that this might  be considered doing something.  

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