Thursday, July 15, 2010

a slight modification

I bought a entertainment center at Goodwill today for $15.

Really just an cupboard, with shelves.

The space for our TV is very narrow, and I have not been able to find a suitable storage device anyplace- they are all giant, for giant TVs.

So up until today, the TV was sitting on a wooden box that I had slipcovered, and the TV itself has a matching slipcover, that I am very proud of.  It truly was one of my best inventions.  Rolf made a little pine riser for the DVD player to sit on so the whole thing was pretty ok, but not perfect.

This new piece of furniture is hardly perfect, but it is narrow enough and I hope will fit the Wii and all the other crap in, and keep it out of my sight, which is my biggest objective.  I hate all of that electronic shit staring at me.

The problem was that the TV has this giant back part, the motor I assume?  This giant jutting out part in the back, of an otherwise narrow, slim TV.

So I had to cut a hole in the back of the entertainment center.

I was already feeling pretty proud of myself for getting the thing into the station wagon, and driving it home sort of sticking out the back, without crashing into anything, or losing it along the way, but cutting that giant hole in the back with a minimum of splintering, that will make me happy for days!

So out in our driveway sits a little oak entertainment center with a big squarish hole in the back.  If the computer would let me I would post a picture, but it wont so feel free to use your imagination.

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