Thursday, July 29, 2010

the notion of productivity

Our bathroom is horrible. 

Old, rundown and just horrible. 

For years the biggest issue was the fan- the funky odd sized, outdated fan.   Then our friend John fixed the fan by welding a bunch of random parts together and creating a functional franken fan for us. 


My plan was to paint the bathroom today, to make it slightly less hideous, since a real remodel is pretty much out of the question, unless we win the lottery.

I started washing the walls, and peeling off the peeling paint, but the poor design made it impossible to get the ladder into the corner where the toilet sits, so washing that part (or painting) was out.

Damn it to hell.

I have rarely felt as defeated as I did when I realized the ladder was never going to fit, and that the ugly bathroom would continue on for the foreseeable future being horrible and ugly and making me upset multiple times each day.

The reality is that the walls need to be properly repaired and resurfaced, anyway, so hiring someone that knows what he is doing makes a lot of sense, however, knowing that doesn't make me feel less annoyed and let down.

They should not let poor, unskilled, unhandy people purchase 100 year old houses. 

It should be against the law.

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