Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mama said there'd be days like this

My computer continues to be a thorn in my side.

So much so, that I am now reduced to using my 11 year old son's laptop (thanks honey, mama loves you a lot).

I raged a lot and made my poor husband even more stressed out than usual.  

After all the Internet and this blog is like my only lifeline to sanity.   In the end there just isn't a whole lot to be done. 

Our phone lines suck. 

Our computer is old. 

No  amount of tantrum throwing by me is going to change that.

Mark's whole focus for the next two weeks will be comic con, then some star wars thingy in Florida.

I can writhe around on the floor, I can froth at the god damned

 mouth and nothing will change.

Maxwell says I should end this with


1 comment:

  1. wait - are you such a tightwad/luddite that you won't consider getting a macbook at educator-discount pricing (you qualify) just so that you can spare yourself the daily grinding frustration of not having an appliance that works? i know how you are about tightwaddery, but that sort of stress can give you a very expensive ulcer in the end, so.

    i have never felt so unconcerned about my computer since i just realized i spent a lot of goddamned time on it and it was therefore worth getting the best tool for the job so i could quit hating that much of my life.