Tuesday, July 20, 2010

mice and other things

I just returned from putting Freyja on a plane to San Francisco.

I was worried that she might not get on the plane, right up to the time we pulled into the airport, given her capricious nature, and tendency for drama, but she was a total champ.

We wound up cutting it pretty close, do to a last minute trip downtown to the Pearl Bakery for a pistole to go.
 It was Rolf's idea, to calm her down with bread products, but we didn't anticipate

A. The Morrison bridge being UP! (when is the bridge ever up, other than at Rose Festival?)

B. 10 MILES of construction on I-84

We raced in to the looooong check in line, about 50 minutes before her flight was to leave (totally not my style), while Rolf & Maxwell parked the car.  I was sweating bullets by the time we finally got to the counter, 15 minutes later, only to discover that her flight was delayed a half hour (hooray!). 

Bootiful Princess insisted on pulling her own hot pink hardshell suitcase ( a gift from Grandpa for this trip) and carrying Eunice the pillow pet unicorn, while wearing a giant pink backpack stuffed with tiny travel toys, granola bars and a smaller auxiliary unicorn named Eudora. This is Eudora's first trip away from her mom unicorn, Ursula, so she was a little nervous.

We got caught in a slow security line, behind a  young soldier dressed in full uniform, including boots, that was slowly being shaken down one article of clothing at a time by security screeners, then an elderly lady with one of those machines for people that have sleep apnea.

Clearly they both posed a high level of threat to security.

I wondered if the boy in uniform perhaps had some kind of metal plate or leg that was setting off the detector, as most of his clothing and the contents of his pockets had been removed.

We had to wait at the gate for a while, which Freyja spent rolling around on the floor, and forgetting that she was wearing a dress, and that when you roll around on the floor, with a dress on your underpants are likely to be seen by the people sitting on the seats around you, which leads to revelations like

O H      M Y     G O O D N E S S  ! 
My UNDERPANTS are showing!
shrieked at top volume.

When the time came, she marched off with the flight attendant, as if she had been flying alone her whole life. 
On the drive home Maxwell informed me that the cat had brought a mouse into the house earlier, but he didn't tell me because he was getting out of the shower and didn't want to walk out the deck, where I was sitting, because he was naked. 

You saw a dead mouse in the house and didn't tell me?

Yes, except it wasn't dead.

You saw a LIVE mouse in our house and didn't tell me? 

When I came home I walked down to the basement to do laundry, and nearly tripped over what appeared to be a dead mouse.  

Thank goodness!  

The mouse is no longer at large.

When I bent to pick it up to remove it, it sprang to life, nearly giving me a heart attack.

Then it sort of collapsed and I called Rolf to come and take it outside.  


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