Tuesday, June 8, 2010

packing it in

We are closing in on being prepared for sleep away camp, and by we, I mean Mark and Max.  

I will stay here, in the comfort of my home, with my tv and my coffee maker.

They are headed off in the general direction of Hood River, for three days of nature camp.

I am heading into three days of single parenting and IN SERVICE at work, which means lots of work and no child care.

I am cooking for the staff.  

That is my big contribution.  

Piece   of   cake.

I will make them cupcakes, and enchiladas, and lasagna and other comfort food, then I will leave, and let them give the school a good once over and a new paint job.

My days of painting and once overing are over.

I am old and tired and I have painted a lot.

When I return on Monday, my office will have moved into a new building.

I will have a new office with a fresh coat of paint, and many confused parents to deal with.  It works out ok.

I am really, really good at helping people when they are confused or frustrated.  It is one of my super powers, along with cupcake bakery and splinter removal.

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